Un voyage sur le plus grand volcan d'Europe
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Recreational waters

In the Pays de Saint-flour, water is source of many pleasures: relaxation, adventure and thrills...

  • Waterbased recreational activities
In the Truyère Gorge, enjoy water activities with your family: boating, sailing, water skiing, jet skiing, canoeing, kayaking, rafting, row boating, dragon-boating...
  • Fishing
With white-water rivers like the Truyère, the Alagnon and the Bès as well as with dams and reservoirs, fishermen will appreciate the miraculous opportunities to indulge in their passion in a natural and unspoilt environment!
1st category: rich in salmonids, salmon, fario trout, gudgeon...
Second category: predators (pike, perch ...)
Around ponds and reservoirs such as the Moulin du Blaud, you‘ll be able to enjoy with pleasure the tranquillity of fishing with your family.
  • Water leisure centre, swimming pools, river or lake swimming

In the great outdoor or inside, there is no shortage of swimming opportunities!

The leisure water park in Saint-Flour offers several water features: various pools, a beach volleyball facility, waterslides, a mineral beach and a wellness area.

Totally secure swimming in natural surroundings is also possible at Mallet supervised swimming area in the heart of the Truyère Gorge.

8 outdoor pools: Chaudes-Aigues (2 heated pools from 15th June to 15th September), Anglards de Saint-Flour (leisure water park), Pierrefort (1 pool and a paddling pool in July and August), Coltines, Massiac, Neuvéglise, Ruynes en Margeride, Saint-Just.


  • Spa leisure activities, relaxation and well-being
Caleden is a hydrotherapy and spa leisure centre with striking architecture and quality facilities in the field of health and well-being thanks to its natural hot springs (82°C!) and mineral rich healing waters.
Chaudes-Aigues, the only spa in Cantal, is a choice destination in the field of wellness! (Spa and wellness, health and fitness, spa treatments: rheumatism and osteoarthritis)
Caleden offers 160 m² of thermal pools dedicated to relaxation and well-being accessible to the whole family (children from 9 months!). 2 hours of relaxation guaranteed in the spa leisure area : indoor pool at 32 ° C, waterfalls, bubble beds, geysers, massage jets, currents and counter currents, jacuzzi at 35 ° C, outdoor pool with underwater music at 37 ° C !