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Earth and Water

Truyère Gorges

Three large lakes where it's time to sail on peaceful waters and breathtaking nature.

Viaduct of Garabit

From the well-known architect Gustave Eiffel.


This magic land...

Massif of Margeride and historical region of Gévaudan

A well-preserved granitic massif which must be patiently discovererd

Our must-haves


Everything here is exclusively volcanic : the Monts du Cantal, the mountain landscape, the basalt columns, the colour of rocks… Choose from a mosaic of major natural sites : the secret forests of the Margeride, the high plateau of the Planèze of Saint-Flour, the bewildering Truyère Gorge, the vast stretches of the Aubrac plateau and the beautiful glacial valleys...

The Aubrac, a natural regional park
The Viaduct of Garabit, a Gustave Eiffel masterpiece
Chaudes-Aigues, hot water pools & spa

Where hot water is all around you

Saint-Flour, city of art and history

The “Pays de Saint-Flour” belongs to the national network of “Towns, Cities and Regions of Art and History”, a label which is awarded to sites of great historical and cultural heritage

Massif of Margeride and historical region of Gévaudan

A well preserved granitic massif which must be patiently discovered

The biggest volcano of Europe

Volcano by your side.


From 03 Aug

Festa del Païs


From 01 May

Marché hebdomadaire


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