A magical land with various atmospheres

Magical landscapes and ever-changing light characterize the Aubrac’s county : Birthplace of the bovine race called « Aubrac », this great territory is divided into forests, pastures and shelters of shepherds. Its highest peak culminates at an altitude of 1469 meters. Passing through this land during summer months, you will be able to admire the seasonal migration of the animals. If you’re travelling into this wild nature on the winter, you shall notice the transformation of the landscape, turning on into a nordic steppe where cross-country skiing is well practiced. Gourmets will also enjoy a great gastronomic local cuisine, such as « aligot », traditional tea, « Gentiane »…

The Aubrac, a step on the road to Saint-Jacques de compostelle

Pilgrims on their way to Galicia will also enjoy the majesty of several constructions and local sections of GR 65 (via Podiensis), registered by UNESCO as an heritage of Mankind. The beauty of the route, the variety of the landscapes and its architectural richness, make of  Aubrac a place of an artistic and historical interest.

Aubrac : a key area for full nature and 4 seasons activities

Walking, riding a horse, a mountain bike or an electric scooter are the kind of activities that you can do in Aubrac during summer. Winter time is a great season to complete snowshoes marches, cross-country and downhill skiing and even dogsled rides (see the villages of Bonnecombe, Brameloup, Laguiole, Nasbinals and Saint-Urcize).

Birth of the Aubrac’s natural regional park

As a rural region of a low mountain range, Aubrac is the owner of a very well protected heritage. Unfortunately, its rural economy, its scenery, its « savoir faire », its environment and even its well-known cultural heritage are under a threat. In order to preserve and to enhance resources of this exceptional territory, French Government, Communities and social professionals have undertaken to create a natural regional park. After ten years of construction, this project was concluded on spring 2018.

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Must seen

  • The village of Saint-Urcize and its roman church which are ranked in the book guide of the association « Les Petites Cités de Caractère » ( small cities of character).
  • The sensitive space of « Le Puy de la Tuile and its 360° panorama.
  • The Deroc’s waterfall and the road of the lakes
  • The village and the house of Aubrac
  • The thermal city of Chaudes-Aigues where springs a hot water at a temperature of 82° celcius
  • The Gorges of Bès
  • The village of Laguiole, its bull, its knives, its cheese-making cooperative « young mountain »


  • Aubrac’s seasonal migration on the last week-end of May.
  • The « Rand’Aubrac’s full course, a festive and greedy hike on the beginning of June
  • « Phot’Aubrac » (photography) in September
  • Excursions to hear the stags roar in September and October

You may like

  • A moment of escape and freedom on the road after Saint-Urcize, just where the wind will carry you!
  • To take the time to walk or ride a bike on one of the many pathways of the high plateau and to have a picnic surrounded by wild grass with only one purpose : to stare at all that beautiful nature !
  • To taste a nice « aligot » with a piece of beef from Aubrac or to savor a delicious cup of this marvelous Tea from Aubrac ( also available in aperitif, marmalade and marshmallows)