A well-preserved granitic massif which must be patiently discovered

Bounded by the Gorges of Allier on its east side and next to the Aubrac on its west side, it’s still considered as a secret territory, as this massif seems to hide under vasts forests of fir trees.This harmoniously waved mountain culminates at an altitude of 1551 meters, in the “Randon’s signal”, located in the bordering Lozère region.

This is the land of moors with brooms and blueberries, beech-forests on the south side, and mighty silver firs and Norway spruces on its north side.

A superb ridge line offers a breathtaking panorama over the Cantal mountains, the Aubrac plateau, mounts of Velay and Sancy’s massif. All the Central Massif is laying down at your feet!

A land where the beast of Gevaudan has frightened a whole entire region !

A mountain that gave shelter to the maquis of Mont-Mouchet during world war II. But this region is also known for its legendary beast that terrified with an extreme ferocity this territory at the end of the 18th century. It is a harsh land made of granite, the same one which was used to built the typical houses of the region and the same material that gave birth to spectacular natural curiosities, such as loose stones or those innumerable grey stone blocks that are lying in the prairies.

Margeride is also an Ecomuseum that is actually composed of three sites: a garden, a farm and a school that help a lot to immerse one self in the Margeride of yesterday and today, but also to appreciate its charming inhabitants. Its deep nature is the one of that kind of breeding ground which knew how to keep intact a sustainable agriculture, thanks to men of great passion. The best example of that state of mind is probably the case of the Amarger family, with their Cheese Farm.


Of course, this land is made for walking and to practice hiking too. So, Why not taking the ridge way trail on your Massif Central’s Great Odissey And when the autumn comes, be sure that you’ll find on your way plenty of mushrooms and blueberries !

Must seen


  • The exhibition “Searching for the Beast”, for the second year running in the Saint-Flour’s Haute Auvergne Museum.
  • The Ruynes-en-Margeride’s books’ fair, a great bookstore deployed on open air in the village on the 14th of July.
  • The Blueberry’s fair of Ruynes-en-Margeride on the Sunday following the 15th of August.
  • The Nipalou’s hike race in Lorcières, on the last Sunday of October.

You may like

  • To discover the “Lozerian” side of the Margeride by visiting the European Buffalo Reserve, the Gevaudan’s wolf Park or the Saint-Alban’s Scenovision.
  • The “Sunset in Margeride”’s Hike for Photographers, in the summer. For further information, please call at 04 71 23 43 32 or consult our summer agenda.
  • To walk along the scenic route, a set of paths that goes through the entire Margeride.
  • To make a stop for a picnic at Ruynes-en-Margeride or have fun with your kids at “Margeride’s Adventure Park”: Poney riding, Children Games, Tree Courses…
  • To enjoy a moment full of beauty and emotion with the “Diego N’ Co” Troupe and their incredible equestrian show.
  • To explore by feet the GR 65 Pathway that leads the “Jacquaire” Pilgrim from the city of Puy-en-Velay to the village of Conques.

Information – Office de tourisme des pays de Saint-Flour

Bureau de Tourisme de Ruynes-en-Margeride – Le Bourg – 15320 RUYNES-EN-MARGERIDE – Tél. 04 71 23 43 32 – margeride.info@pays-saint-flour.fr