Dominating the l’Ander river, Saint-Flour is perched on a volcanic rocky spur which is a real natural rampart and make the town a strong first-rate place.

From the top of its volcanic rocky spur, the city of Saint-Flour, which is the unique site in all Cantal certified “place of artistic and historical interest”, thanks to the amount of monuments and exceptional buildings.
At the crossroads of the Margeride, the Cantal mounts and the Gorges of the Truyère, its natural attractions and astonishing scenery are enjoyed by all natural sports amateurs. Halfway to the Great-South, it is also a privileged and a lively city.

A medieval city often under siege but never conquered

Saint-Flour owes is origin to Florus who came during the 5th century to evangelize the region. His tomb became a place of pilgrimage. But the small town really developed around the 1000’s with the building of a priory and impregnable ramparts wanted by Odilon de Mercoeur, Cluny’s priest and local boy. When in 1317 the town became the new head office of the diocese of La Haute Auvergne, it acquiered the status of religious capital.

Plan your visit

  • The city map helps visitors to walk through the city while discovering places and buildings of main interest : Saint-Peters Cathedral, “La Halle aux Bleds” (former French to say the wheat’s market), private mansions, “la Main de Saint-Flour” (a little passage between two blocks of granite which was formed, according to the legend, after a prayer of Florus the Bishop himself).
  • The Museum of Haute Auvergne, a former Episcopal Palace from the 17th Century which exhibits a rich collection of treasures about the Auvergne’s Heritage.
  • The Alfred Doüet Museum, a former furnished private mansion from the French “Renaissance” period which exhibits a large collection of Art and decorative objects.
  • All sorts of thematic guided tours are programmed for the touristic season: city, legends, cathedral, unusual places…( visits on french only).

Must seen in Saint-Flour

  • Taking a stroll on the Saint-Flour’s market on Saturday morning.
  • Walking the 330 steps between lower and upper town, a way called the pathway of the goats (“Chemin des Chèvres”).
  • Making a ballad along the Ander river down in lower town to enjoy a very nice view of the Medieval City from the bottom of the hill.
  • Having a drink in the evening at the Place of Liberty (lower town) to admire the upper town highlights.
  • Tasting local flavors in one of the numerous city’s restaurant: “Truffade”, “Pounti”, Saint-Flour’s blond lentils, traditional Delicatessen, real cheeses made in Auvergne, Saint-Flour’s sweet pie… Excellent tables are waiting for you !



  • The High Lands Festival (Or Mountains Cultures Great Festival): shows, songs and musics are all around in the city on the last week-end of June.
  • The “Sanfloraine” step: a cycling race sponsored by former champion Bernard Hinault on the beginning of August.
  • The “Pathway to Art” Festival: an every two-year exhibition dedicated to Modern Art, from July to September.
  • Regularly, City of Saint-Flour is welcoming the Tour of France and its Tour of the Future, a cycling race for yougsters.


Tourist Office of Saint-Flour
17 bis, place d’Armes – 15100 SAint-Flour
Tel : +33 (0)4 71 60 22 50