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  • Excavated gorges, steep and narrow by the "Bès" river. It is also the paradise of hikers, fishermen, climbers, and nature lovers.


    Bès river: born on the plains of Aubrac, comes to die in the restraint of the dam of Garabit-Grandval.
    Glacial upstream, populated by erratic blocks, the valley, sinks to the heart
    between Cantal and Lozère.
    At the end of the first world conflict, prisoners of war dug groundwater line that brings the waters of Bès, from the Valiette Dam to the plumb of the small power station of Vergne.
    The municipal road has its name «Route du Camp» and the trail: «Sentier des Espagnols».

    To discover them:
    - Hiking «Les Gorges du Bès»
    - Beautiful course (from the hamlet of Morsanges) with a panoramic view. Strait path somewhat rugged along the Gorges du Bès and offers wonderful landscapes.View point on the ruins of the castle of Arzenc d'Apcher on the opposite bank.
    Info: 6.5 km – 2.45 hrs – yellow markup – not recommended for children under 12 years of age. Card available at the Chaudes-Aigues Tourist Office


    • Altitude : 950 m

    Spoken languages

    • French


    Languages of the visit

    • French


    • Duration individual visit: 150 hours (average)


    • Duration of visit:150 hours (average)
    • Unguided group tours available permanently


    Latitude: 44.870823
    Longitude: 3.085733

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    • Picnic area
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    • Pets welcome


    All year round.