Close to Saint-Flour, Chaudes-Aigues is home to the only spa centre in Cantal. Located on the edge of the Aubrac plateau and close to the three lakes in the Gorges of the River Truyère, the spa town is surrounded by some exceptionally beautiful natural sites.

There are no fewer than 32 natural hot springs, including the Par spring where the hottest spring water in Europe rises to the surface at a temperature of 82°C. While here, an excellent way to learn more about this natural heritage is by visiting Geothermia, the museum of hot spring water and geothermal energy.

Chaudes-Aigues offers a wide range of activities and attractions to enjoy during your stay (well-being, walks, museums, etc.). If you are a food-lover looking for a taste of French gastronomy, treat yourself to a gourmet experience at Restaurant Serge Vieira, a two-star Michelin establishment, at the Château de Couffour or eat out at Serge Vieira’s new bistronomic restaurant, Sodade, located in the centre of Chaudes-Aigues.


Among the 32 hot springs across the town, the most famous one is undoubtedly the Par spring. The site is a real curiosity and not to be missed. The mineral-rich hot spring water offers relaxing and pain-soothing properties and can be enjoyed at the Caleden Spa Centre. Specialist treatments and spa breaks are available for patients suffering from rheumatism. In addition, Caleden is open to visitors and offers “Spa and Wellness” breaks, an array of treatments, spa days and weekend packages. Families are welcome to enjoy bathing in the spa leisure area accessible to children from the age of 9 months.



Not to be missed while visiting Chaudes-Aigues

  • The Par spring, where the hottest water in Europe rises to the surface at a temperature of 82°C.
  • The communal lavoir (wash-house) with naturally hot water from the Lestande spring at a temperature of 62°C.
  • Geothermia: the museum of hot spring water and geothermal energy.
  • The small chapels that represent the patron saints that guard over different parts of the town.
  • The Chapelle des Pénitents, a beautiful chapel and its remarkable altarpiece (open for exhibitions in the summer).



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